Since the major success of Marvel’s “Black Panther” with a star-studded all black cast, the new movies that are coming out seem to have a different perspective and shed a positive light on minorities.

For Example, “Crazy Rich Asians,” directed by Jon M. Chu, and “BlackkKlansman,” directed by Spike Lee and produced by Jordan Peele, the director of “Get Out”. Both movies are phenomenal, well written and include [a removed] positive female and male leading roles, which is rare for movies about minorities.

Both films don’t just depict these characters as violent or dangerous, but they embrace Asian and Black culture.

Crazy Rich Asians is a  love story showing two very successful Asians and their struggles to be together but in the end their love prevails. The director gave the audience a deeper look into Singapore that really captures the essence of Asian culture.

“I think it was awesome and they did a great job. I really enjoyed all of the music that was in a mandarin language…and I think that it gives me a whole new perspective because I’ve never even seen Singapore,” Megan Gully, a Rock Hill resident said.

This movie did not just capture the beauty of Singapore but also included typical life with street vendors and had a soundtrack filled with music in Mandarin.

“It was just portrayed as normal life in Singapore and there not going overseas to trade drugs, it’s just people living their life,”  Luke Walker, a Rock Hill resident said.

There are not many positive representations about minorities, most movies can be very stereotypical and demeaning. These movies show that minorities can star in movies about love, action and adventure without there being a negative connotation behind them. This is especially seen in Spike Lee’s “BlackkKlansman”.

The story of the Black Klansman, also known as Ron Stallworth, is based off a true story. Stallworth posed as a white man to infiltrate the Colorado Klan. This movie showed so much black culture in addition to showcasing white supremacy. Lee depicts the struggle minorities had to endure and their battle for equal rights and justice; However, in the end justice wins.

Winthrop senior Janei Bethea said, “I don’t like going to the movies, but I wanted to come see this one because I love Spike Lee and Jordan Peele. It was cool the casts that they chose and seeing a black man be hero and make history at the same time. Overall I would say it was very inspirational to a young black student who wants to work for the police force one day.

I hope this new wave of movies continues to inspire and make the world think differently about people of color. Lee and Chu’s films are just the start of something great for people of color. Both directors made amazing, monumental films that are embarking on a new era. These movies are a must see for everyone, especially if you like good romantic-comedies or an action-packed movie filled with black power.

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