What would happen if Trump was impeached?

In August, FBI director James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump after he allegedly asked Comey to end the Michael Flynn investigation regarding his links to Russia. Trump spoke with Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, about national security information after firing Comey for investigating the relations between Flynn and Russia.

These allegations have created a weariness among many in the White House and across America, some of which called for his impeachment. Many have suggested how this impeachment could be brought to action, the most likely being obstruction of the justice.

Even if his impeachment makes it to the Senate he would be the first president to be impeached at this level. It would be a remarkable and highly unlikely circumstance. He would have to face such a strong and highly evidence based case for the Republicans to act in against him.

If Trump is impeached the celebration would not last long as we would be welcoming Pence to office. I believe that this would put us in an even worse state than the present situation.

Pence’s morals and expressed ideas are what are the scariest part of this possible impeachment. Both Pence and Trump hold very low morals when it comes to social justice and peace.

Pence and Trump have vocalized many opinions that would’ve been better off left unspoken. Their ability to speak without any recognition of the meaning or power behind their words is horrifyingly realistic to this current situation.

If Trump is not able to consider his actions then what makes him fit to be a president? He could be sharing information with anybody he meets.

Trump may be childish when dealing with his presidential duties but Mike Pence is not nearly an improvement.

If Trump is impeached the issue would be concerning his inability to keep quiet. However, if Pence is given the same power he would most likely end up taking the same route as the current president.

We would end up with a President who has no idea how to run a country and no regard for the security nor safety of that country. Pence will do just as Trump and the presidential position will be made a joke, a position full of incompetent lunatics sharing confidential information with the world.

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