Everyone has an opinion, and I wanted to know what people on campus were thinking about. So I asked six people to give me their “two cents,” a two-sentence opinion on anything they wanted. Here’s what I got:

“Access to early childhood education is vital to a child’s development and future success. Current policies need to be reformed to ensure that ALL children have equal access to enriching early childhood experiences that will help them develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.”     Emily Deal

Senior human development and family studies major

“Never use a derogatory word to talk about an ethnic group; take a look at yourself and see how you were never entitled to use this word. If you can’t determine if the word is derogatory or not, grab a dictionary and see the correct word to talk about this group.”

Sarah Khaldi

Senior integrated marketing communication major

“Digs should stay open later. Also, more businesses in Digs should stay open on the weekends.”

Amy Kalayjian

Junior political science major

“I’m not a fan of when people try to force their eating habits upon others as if it is any different from peddling a religion. People have the right to eat what they please; I love animals, but part of how we were designed is to consume certain ones.”

Jaleesa Hopp

Senior integrated marketing communication major

“I think the president should be impeached. He has obstructed justice in a federal investigation and violated the constitution.”

Eran Kreitman

Graduate student studying political and civic engagement

“The smoking areas at Winthrop are here for a reason. Use them so we don’t lose them.”

Timothy Hinson

Senior psychology major

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