The DNC may have pulled for Hillary, but Trump’s concern isn’t really about justice for Bernie Sanders

Last week, there were several breaks in the case of Trump colluding with Russia, yet Trump only wanted to talk about one thing: Hillary Clinton.

On Friday, Trump tweeted a call to action to the justice department to investigate the “dishonesty” in the Clinton campaign. He was referring to Clinton signing a joint fundraising agreement with the DNC-which essentially meant she would fundraise for the DNC and in return get to control many aspects of the party platform- which is said to be the reason Clinton snagged the nomination over Bernie Sanders.

This issue was brought up during the general election, but is being brought back to the table because of Donna Brazile’s new novel that cites the scandal with more vivid details in it.

It is really convenient that Trump brought this up right around the time his investigation is getting hot and heavy.

While many Americans love to talk about how stupid Trump is, that’s not entirely true. This is a man who went to an Ivy League school and has ran a business for decades– the man knows how to manipulate people.

Trump’s tweet about this scandal was meant to distract the public from his lack of care for Puerto Rican people who are still suffering from the hurricane as well as the investigation concerning his possible collusion with Russia.

Aside from the fact the he is clearly trying to distract America, the issue at hand is disappointing and confusing but not criminal. The deal that the Clinton campaign is legal, despite making the DNC and Clinton look bad. So while this scandal should make democrats take a step back and evaluate and criticize their party platform, it is not something that we will be seeing anyone being sent to jail for.

It is disappointing to see Clinton, a champion for many, had taken part in a shady political fundraising tactic- especially when campaign fundraising reform was one of her platforms- and it puts her and the DNC under a lot of scrutiny and puts Bernie Sanders in an awkward position, but that is not what Trump cares about.

Trump doesn’t want justice for Bernie Sanders– he wants his deceit of the American people to be swept under the rug. While it is unclear whether or not Trump is guilty, one thing rings true: distraction is a favored tactic used by liars to distract their accusers from the lie.

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