Short term study abroad offers a world class experience

For those who can’t afford to study abroad for an entire semester or juniors and seniors who can’t seem to fit it in their schedules because of other major classes, there is an opportunity to still get class credit and study abroad at the same time. Travel classes, which are led by faculty members, are classes in which travel after the semester ends for a week to 10 days. These classes give you class credit for certain gen ed classes or even major classes on top of the chance of seeing the world.

These travel classes are also a great way to get those last few cultural events needed to graduate.

Travel classes can be found in majority of majors under special topics courses, or in regular classes that now require applications to join. Some of the majors and classes that are traveling in spring 2018 include English, mass communication, interior design, Spanish, religion, biology and many others that will be traveling all around the world from Europe to the Amazon. If travel classes sound like something you would enjoy, contact the professor leading one of the classes below for more information and take this opportunity to see the world.

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