News Engagement Day

News Engagement Day is an opportunity for people of all ages to read, watch, like, post, tweet, text, email, listen to and comment on the... Read more


Chick-fil-A’s opening date continues to be delayed Winthrop announced the opening of Chick-fil-A over the summer, in response to the nation wide closure of Popeye’s... Read more

The new WU is coming

Winthrop is working with higher education marketing agency for rebranding Winthrop is in the process of an university-wide rebranding initiative with FMB Advertising of Knoxville,... Read more

Not enough faith

WU welcomed Frank Turek to present his book “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.” Ration Christi, “Reason for Christ” in Latin, strives... Read more

Panther’s on the prowl

Carolina Panthers start the season with a bang The Carolina Panthers are coming off of a “Superbowl hangover” 6-10 season, but are off to a... Read more

Player one

The newest game in the Destiny series makes a big splash with gamers Destiny 2, the widely popular online first-person shooter game, was released on... Read more

Play like a girl

Winthrop Women’s Coalition hosts an evening with Lynette Woodard Come out tonight, Wednesday, October 4 to Dina’s Place and enjoy a night with women’s basketball... Read more


“The real snakes in the world? Don’t look like anything you’d expect them to” : an in-depth review of the riveting novel “Wrecked”  Jenny isn’t the... Read more