RevenFlo helps clients build websites, create brand logos and develop social media content

RevenFlo, a one-stop shop for digital and online marketing in Rock Hill, was originally called Prose Production and began as a content curation company online until it evolved into a full-service internet marketing company.

“We’re a small but close-knit group,” RevenFlo’s Director of Marketing and Accounts Chance Albertson said. “We don’t have a high turnover rate, and we’re all very good friends. A few of us have been here for five plus years.

We really enjoy our work environment and being able to work with friends.”

The company was founded by Jason Broadwater in 2004. Broadwater used to teach ninth grade English and is currently a member of a band and is vocal in the community.

RevenFlo provides a variety of services including website and application development and design, videography, photography, content design, content curation, social media management, consultation, writing, branding and strategy, seminars, training and internet marketing.

“Our first and foremost concern is the success of our clients,” Albertson said. “Customer service is one of our top concerns. We form around the work with the client and really feel like we cater to what they specifically need. We are also unique in the regard that our boss, Jason, travels around the country speaking on economic development and revitalization of cities.”

Cameron Corcoran, a digital information design major at Winthrop, completed an internship with RevenFlo during the Fall semester in 2016. The company was focusing was on the development and funding of a charity app, Givolio. The app is a giving portfolio linked to Guidestar, an information service that reports on U.S. nonprofit companies. The app allows the user to set up recurring gifts to any nonprofit that is in Guidstar’s database.

Corcoran worked under Madison Altman, the social media coordinator at RevenFlo. He contributed to the marketing for the app by writing social media posts and blog posts highlighting local charities in the area. The app was designed to be mobile, streamlined, modern and millennial-friendly.

The major skills Corcoran was required to have for the internship were marketing, advertising, designing infographics and writing.

“I had to live and breathe writing,” Corcoran said. “For a place like RevenFlo they have their hand in a lot of different pots. You can find whatever your niche is within that company and you can use your skills to the best of your potential. There’s a lot of opportunities and a lot of work to get done, but it was exciting and rewarding. I think every day I left there I had a big smile on my face. I felt like I did something a little bigger than myself.”

RevenFlo has built websites for companies across the greater Mecklenburg and York County areas as well as some across the country in Alaska, Panama, Orange County, California, Texas, New Jersey and Alabama. Some local clients they have developed websites for include York County Natural Gas, ChristmasVille, University Center, Springs Creative, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Elrod Pope, Family Trust, Westminster Towers, J.M. Cope, Knowledge Park and the Tech Incubator.

Knowledge Park is devoted to bringing economic and technological development to Rock Hill. RevenFlo did a re-branding package for Knowledge Park’s Fab Lab, ICE initiative, TI, and others. They did photography and videography for them and built the TI site so that it would align with what was created for all of Knowledge Park’s sites.

Building a website begins with a kickoff meeting with the client to gather information on the client’s ideas regarding what they want their site to include. An account manager is assigned to the client as their point of contact and guide through the building process. The team picks out a theme to put on their server and in a development atmosphere. The wireframe is created along with the architecture. They meet with the client for feedback and move forward with designing the homepage.

“Once that’s approved, the door is open to design and develop the rest of the site,” Albertson said.

They deliver the rest of the site, give their client the link for review, and set up a date to go live.

To those interested in online marketing, RevenFlo provides internships in writing, videography, photography, social media management, development and design.

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