Ten years after the Release of the first iPhone, Apple has created its most advanced iPhone to date

The year of 2017 marks a big achievement for the Apple Company. 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone ever released by Apple. This year many excited iPhone users and tech enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting to see the new features of the next iPhone Apple has created.

iPhone X is the new iPhone, created by Apple that is said to drop in stores November 3rd, 2017 and will be available to preorder October 27th, 2017. The iPhone X will be entirely screen.

It is equipped with a 5.8 inch super retina screen that is said to fill the hand and be extremely impressive to the iPhones user. The iPhone X includes a “TrueDepth camera,” according to Apple, that consists of some of the best technology they have ever invented providing accuracy and clear images of pictures. The iPhone will also include sensors that enable face ID.

After many complaints about previous iPhones being so easily breakable in the hustle and bustle of daily life, Apple has created iPhone X with an all-new design. Apple has created the most durable glass for a smartphone in history. iPhone X also is composed of surgical stain glass steel surrounding the front and back. Other features in the phone include wireless charging, dust and water resistance, and the most talked about by Apple: face recognition.

A passcode or fingerprint will no longer be needed for iPhone X. One’s face will be their password. The phone will also include Animojis. Animojis, as explained on the Apple website, are animated emoji’s that are controlled by a person’s facial movements. The TrueDepth of the iPhone X camera mirrors 50 different facial muscle movements to mirror expressions of 12 different emoji’s.

“Reveal your inner panda, pig, or robot,” Apple said.

Many students across Winthrop’s campus use Apple products over other products. Many students are big supporters of the iPhone and MacBooks provided by Apple. Tanisha Moore is a student at Winthrop and an avid iPhone user.

“I always go for iPhones because I’ve been a long time user and anytime I tried switching it never seemed right, also it was weird because I didn’t know how to use all the functions of another phone and would quickly switch back to an iPhone. They tend to have superior technology too,” Moore said.

Overall, Apple has come a long way since the first iPhone came out. Apple has created many new ways of communication through the iPhone connecting people all over the world more than ever before. In the Keynote speech about the iPhone’s new technologies held in the new Steve Jobs Theater in September, the iPhone’s accomplishments were discussed.

“The iPhone changes the way we communicate with features like imessage and facetime that allowed us all to connect in more meaningful ways. And with Siri, we used artificial intelligence to make our voices more powerful. iPhone even revolutionized security with touch ID,” the keynote speaker said.

The iPhone X is currently going to be sold at $999. Many iPhone enthusiasts are ready to line up at the doors to get their hands on one of these new phones. However, many other iPhone users are still on the fence about getting the new phone just yet.

“I think the new iPhone looks cool and stuff but I most likely won’t buy it because I don’t like the fact it doesn’t have a home button and phones will have bugs, so I wait a little after a release for those kinds of things to be fixed,” Moore said.

Although there are many opinions regarding iPhone X it is true that it contains the most technologically advanced features of any iPhone to date.

“One of the ways I think people express their appreciation to humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there,” Steve Jobs said.

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