by Téa Franco

A new service-based scholarship has been established from a $3million estate gift

A new service focused scholarship is going to be offered to Winthrop University students as the result of a $3million estate gift- the largest of its kind in Winthrop’s history.

The late Elizabeth Reed, 41’, 51’ earned a B.S and M.S. in home economics from Winthrop. She went on to teach economics in North Carolina for 38 years, being among the first to teach co-ed classes in family life education. She also spent part of her career establishing pilot programs that highlighted women’s’ role as both wage earner and homemaker to keep up with societal changes.  

Reed also focused much of her life on community service, as she was a member of the American Home Economics Association and served as president and vice president of the Jackson County Chapter of the North Carolina Retired School Personnel.  Reed was a volunteer with the American Cancer society and won the “Quality of Life Award” from the N.C. chapter because of her volunteer work.

The Elizabeth Hope Reed Fellows Program will award a renewable scholarship to undergraduate students with financial need, have a good academic standing, and will volunteer at least eight hours a week.

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