News Engagement Day is an opportunity for people of all ages to read, watch, like, post, tweet, text, email, listen to and comment on the news.

The day took place on Oct. 3, and Winthrop’s Department of Mass Communication released a news IQ test on their webpage.

The news IQ test allowed news savvy individuals to test their knowledge about current events and politics. The test was very similar to a news IQ given by Pew Research Institute.

84 people took the survey. The respondants were a primarily female sample (25 percent men and 75 percent women). Key findings from the survey can be seen below.

  • Two thirds of respondents were 21-years-old or younger
  • Three quarters of students were Mass Communication majors and 25 percent indicated “other”.
  • 480 percent of test-takers said “keeping up with the news is very important to me,” while about six percent said news was personally unimportant.
  • 4Collectively students scored 64 percent on the Winthrop news quiz. That beats the general public, which only got about half the questions correct.

For more information about News Engagement Day and the survey, contact professor Aimee Meader at

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