How memes are becoming the new brand of humor in college students

Memes are a form of art that continue to evolve on an exponential basis. Everyone who has seen memes knows that you can use the same picture in a million different ways to make a joke and most of them are still funny.

They use people’s faces when they react, weird pictures of animals and even moments from famous television shows or movies. The success kid holding his hand up in a fist or Kermit the Frog talking to another hooded frog are some of the most well-known images used in memes.

Yet no matter how many times people use the same picture over and over again, just changing the words or caption gives the meme a whole new meaning and makes it funny in a completely original context. Many college students are finding new and inventive ways to adapt the current meme culture to a college perspective.

College-centric meme culture is another subculture that is forming under the larger meme culture that appears throughout Tumblr and Reddit, among others. The way that this culture is forming gives students an entirely new way to connect with one another by making their issues in college seem light and funny. This can act almost as a stress reliever by not only making difficult situations funny but also fostering a sense of community on campus. This is another way of showing students that other people are just as stressed out and have just as many issues as themselves.

Often these memes can include jokes that may offend or hurt certain people. However, it is extremely difficult to communicate these difficulties to authors because of the way that memes are circulated around the internet.

Meme culture is relatively new and generally seen, used and shared by many college students. In fact, some colleges have gone as far to create meme pages that focus on jokes that pertain to that specific college, such as the Winthrop Worms Twitter page. This new way of communication is both humorous and useful for communicating in a new and fun way. Meme culture is now so deeply embedded into the millennial mind that it will surely maintain its popularity for years to come.

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