Apple is becoming overrated

Apple is a company that was founded for the average citizen, the company created a computer that could be in any household. Yet, they want us to pay a $1000 for a phone? Originally, Apple was on our side but now it seems the company is all about making the most money and charging us for overpriced goods. The iPhone X was recently released alongside the iPhone 8, both of which contain similar features for drastically different price tags. The X will cost about $300 more than the 8th generation.

In my computer science class, we had a discussion on the differences between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Sadly, the improvements between the $700 phone versus the X, $1000, is extremely lacking. The only major differences between the two phones are facial recognition, display, a more compact phone, and a few upgrades on the camera.

They are so similar that I wonder what the point was in even coming out with an iPhone 8 at the same time as the X. I know that the X is only out this year because it has been 10 years since the release of the very first iPhone. However, since they knew they were going to release the X, why would they need to release an 8th generation on top of that? Apple should’ve waited a year and picked back up with the 8. Then they would’ve been able continued their cycle, instead of releasing two phones at the same time knowing not very many people could afford to buy the X. The general market for Apple ranges anywhere from teenagers and college students to adults and businesspeople. Unfortunately, the X appeals to very few of their typical client base, they are only reaching the elitist and hardcore fans of Apple products with this new phone.

One of the upgrades between the 8th generation and the X is facial recognition. This is being developed and improved upon all around the world, but I really don’t want to be forced into using my face just to unlock my phone. I don’t know why they aren’t continuing to use the finger scan to unlock the iPhones because it honestly works for me. I think that it may be a really cool feature sometime in the future when facial recognition has been perfected, but as of right now there are too many security issues and uncertainties that I have when it comes to this absurd addition.

Apple also claims that the X will have a longer battery life than any other iPhone on the market, but I am wholeheartedly doubting this. Every iPhone I have had destroyed my battery life and the main reason was Apple’s history with batteries. They always make claims that battery life will improve but it never does, so if the battery on the iPhone X does improve then I think there may be one reason to actually invest $1000 in a phone.

The fact that both phones are so similar is entirely frustrating to me and makes the whole company seem illegitimate. Many people will look at the two phones and automatically buy the more expensive one just for the bragging rights. In today’s society it seems like you either have an iPhone or you might as well not even have a phone at all. The idolization of this company, and its products, is becoming quite overrated and allows for the company to get away with charging $1000 for a phone. I love my iPhone, but sometimes I get so fed up that I wish we could go back to simpler times when flip phones were inexpensive and uncomplicated. No one would charge you $1000 for a flip phone with upgrades that are pointless and excessive.

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