The before, completely ridiculous hypothesis of the end of the world has become more and more credible, above all because of potential signs…

Remember those crazy goats who went all the way to that small part of France on december 21st 2012, because that day was supposed to be the end of the world and that location was supposed to be saved? Remember how after nothing actually happened another 10 dates were apparently the real date of the end of the word and still students of Winthrop (and the rest of the world maybe) have the chance to be reading those lines.

Though it doesn’t seem to be immediate, one can witness that a general idea germs in minds: “The end of the world is possible and we should watch out for the signs”. And the truth is, now more and more people are joining the cause, for different reasons.

For example, the millennial generation knows that the earth has an expiration date. Indeed, humans are running out of their basic resources because of the over-consumption. The climate is changing (this is a thing), the oceans are rising, more and more species are going extinct and after August 2 this year, human consumption has exceeded what the planet is able to produce in a year. This generation is aware that their lives and the lives of their children are going to be badly affected by the climate change. This affects our food, our water and our health, if this is not the end of the world (because, good for her, mother nature is able to recover from the infinitely insignificant existence of humanity), it could be our end. So to sum up the situation, the world as we know it is ending.  

For another group of people that believe in one of the three holy books (Torah, Bible, Koran), because of our materialist nature, God, Yahweh, and Allah have to save men from themselves by destroying humanity. Signs are supposed to announce this destruction. For Muslims those signs are the frequency of adultery and the high consumption of wine. The Bible talks about the apparition of peaceful preachers with an evil agenda and of the persecutions of Christians (or their values). Jews who rely on the old testament too, believe as well as Christians in the plague of famine and diseases.

Long story short, it is on us for inventing precut avocados, and letting France make wine their only culture.

Both of those theories tend to the same results, maybe the earth is not to be concerned, but humans are.

The idea of the end of the world, whatever the terms of it, is widely spread globally.

This year only, political events, natural catastrophes, diseases, terrorism and other events that are comparable to religious prophetic theories, have made it clear that the world is at a crucial point in its history. Apocalypse is as legitimate of an issue to this situation as can be.

I personally made the choice to be prepared in any case, gathering potential safe destinations and survival kits in case of zombie attacks, epidemics, divine judgment or World War 3.

Although we are left to wonder: What if 2012 was real and our life now was our brains creating an alternative five years in the few second of its traumatism during our death. Have a good week.

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